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Single & Unlimited Wash Programs Love a clean car? Wash as often as you want, whenever you wish.

Wash more than twice a month?  Our Unlimited Wash Club is for you. Sign up at the auto cashier while at the wash in just a few minutes. You can sign up online or download our App to complete your sign up as well.  Additional savings of $5.00 / month for any additional car in the family*.  Unlimited Wash Club Members enjoy 24/7 access to the wash, multi-car discounts and other special promotions.  Plus we don’t invade your personal space – no ugly RFID tags here. We simply recognize your license plate each time you visit.

*Please call or stop in to have add the second car.  If done at the the Kiosk or online we can adjust the billing date for the extra cost but can not refund the difference in the initial charge.

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Basic $25/month

$20 Additional Car

$10 Single Wash

*Free Vacuums
*Foamy Wash
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Deluxe $35/month

$30 Additional Car

$15 Single Wash

Basic Wash Plus
*Triple Foam Conditioner
*UV Body Protectant
*Tire and Wheel Blaster
*Underbody Power Wash
*Instant Wax Shine
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Best Value
Carriage House Best $45/month

$40 Additional Car

$20 Single Wash

Includes Deluxe Plus
*Underbody with Rust Inhibitor
*Hot Lava Bath
*Carnauba Wax Treatment
*Tire Shine
*Seasonal (Bug/Salt Treatment)
*Heated Power Dry
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The Best Wash Quality at the Best Value

Our wash services are priced for value and provide the ultimate in convenience – whether you buy one wash at a time, take advantage of savings through our App, or sign up for an Unlimited Wash Club membership. Enjoy our free vacuums, interior cleaning supplies and the ease of washing 24 hours daily.  Easy to use – our video-guided belt system makes it easy and stress free to wash with us – no scary track to line up with and ding up your wheels! You will always be pleased with the results – we guarantee our quality.

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