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About Us Carriage House Car Wash

We believe there is no better car wash experience.  With leading wash technology,  free vacuums, interior cleaning supplies, various was to save, and the unique convenience of washing 24 hours daily – there is no other car wash like Carriage House Car Wash.  As your Neighborhood Car Wash we are committed to building relationships with and supporting our local community organizations, schools, and businesses. Experience it yourself with the comfort of knowing we guarantee our quality.

Our car wash offers a low stress experience as you to remain in your vehicle during the automated wash process. Few other car washes can compete with the comfort, high-quality, speed, convenience and great rates that Carriage House Car Wash offers its customers. 

When you exit this state-of-the-art wash and purchase our Carriage House Best Wash, you will be very impressed and your automobile will be clean, shiny, and dry… we guarantee it!  Additionally, for your convenience, we offer free self-serve vacuums, free basic cleaning supplies and towels.

We Invested in Leading Technologies:

License Plate Readers – License plate information can be entered at the pay station, on the app, or even over the internet thanks to high end technology and sophisticated software. This system allows you to make a purchase or renew your membership remotely without visiting the car wash.

Conveyor Belt – Our system moves the vehicle through the wash tunnel instead of a traditional roller or chain system used by most other tunnel washes. The conveyor system allows for a smooth, comfortable, stress free loading process into the wash tunnel without risking damaging rims.

Vehicle Monitoring – Our software, equipment, and people go to work to make sure we minimize the occasional in-tunnel rear-end bump before they happen.

Soft Cloth and Closed Cell Foam Washing – We use carefully engineered detergents and soft cloth /foam brushes specifically manufactured to be safe on car surfaces.  The same items are used by the world’s leading car companies including BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar to clean their cars and have them looking their best for sale. It’s a new technology that is safe (won’t scratch your car like other alternatives), fast, eco-friendly and delivers showroom results.