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We provide the same washes and the same wash quality as at our main site on Wooster Pike. We guarantee it!


Quality and convenience - and savings - no matter how often you like to have a clean car!


What are the differences between Carriage House Neighborhood Wash and Carriage House Express Wash?

Carriage House Neighborhood Wash
  • Type of wash – tunnel with conveyor belt
  • Amenities – Open 24/7, free vacuums, Unlimited memberships, free microfiber towels and cleaning supplies, staffed daily
  • Pricing – Basic – $10, Wheels and Wax – $17, The Best – $22
Carriage House Express Wash
  • Type of wash – in-bay automatic wash
  • Amenities – Open 24/7, Unlimited memberships, free vacuum time for Unlimited members and 8 minutes of free vacuum time when you purchase a best wheels or wax wash.
  • Pricing – Basic – $10, Wheels and Wax – $14, The Best – $17
How to Use A Gas Pump Code

How to Use A Gas Pump Code

How to Get Your First Wash Free

How to Get Your First Wash Free

How to Load Into The Wash

How to Load Into The Wash

How to Get Free Vacuum Time

How to Get Free Vacuum Time

What is in the Interior Cleaning Kit and how much does it cost?

The Interior Cleaning Kit is $5 and includes:

  • Glass cleaner
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Armor-All protectant sponge
  • Microfiber towel
  • Air freshener
Why are the single wash prices different?

At our Carriage House Neighborhood Wash locations, we have a high-quality wash in our tunnel, friendly team members, and free amenities – the full-experience. At the Carriage House Express Wash at select UDF locations, we have a high-quality wash, however, our customers will only pay a la carte for the services they want. We don’t think customers should have to pay full price without getting the full experience, so that’s why we are charging a lower price.

What’s the best way to save on car washes at Carriage House Express Wash?

Here is the best way to save: Unlimited members can wash anytime at any Carriage House or Carriage House Express location, and get FREE vacuums at the Express locations as well.

If I’m an Unlimited Member at the Wooster Pike location, can I wash at the Carriage House Express location?

Yes! We have the same license plate readers and wash packages, so you can get your The Best, Wheels and Wax, or Basic wash at Carriage House Express Wash! You can also use your app to connect with the vacuums so the vacuums are free for you

What about Washbooks?

Any Carriage House Neighborhood Wash customer can use the physical Washbooks or Washbooks on their App at any Carriage House Neighborhood or Carriage House Express Wash location in the greater Cincinnati region. There will be more than 12 locations of the Carriage House brand by fall 2022. 

Where can I get information about the UDF/Carriage House partnership?

Click this link for the latest press release.

Click to Read the Full Press Release