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Carriage House Car Wash is where customers are greeted by a simple smile and wave from an empowered employee who works with a sense of purpose and pride. We love washing cars and giving back as stewards to the community. We celebrate success together and support our neighbors through our Community Wins  and fundraising programs.

Fundraising Programs

We make fundraising easy and offer a variety of ways to do it for your organization.  Contact Nicole Christopher, Neighborhood Marketing Director by filling out our Community form below.

Fundraising programs:

  1. We would love to host your next fundraiser. We give discounts on car washes for a given day and ask customers to donate the difference. Your organization and our social media channels promote the event in advance. We also ask customers for additional donations on the day of the fundraiser. We can be creative, so call us to discuss your ideas!
  2. In addition to hosting a fundraiser for your organization, you put your volunteers to work by earning tips from customers by vacuuming and cleaning the interiors of their cars.
  3. On a case by case basis, we may sponsor your fundraising event for by donating cash or car washes / detailing packages

Community Wins

We love it when organizations in our community have a recent milestone or success story to share.  Did your basketball team win its tournament? Did the debate team win its competition? Did your church just show leadership in an exemplary way?

We want to share your story on our digital board onsite and via our social media channels.  Simply contact our Neighborhood Marketing Director, Nicole Christopher using this form below and share your awesome story.  Not only will we share the story, but we will give discounts to the whole community that week to celebrate!

Your Details

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How can we help?

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