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Ways to Save U-Wash Points, Get A Free Wash and Washbooks

Earn a free wash with U-Wash points

How to earn free washes:

  1. Download the Carriage House Car wash app
  2. Put your car’s license plate in your profile
  3. Buy a wash at the pay station
  4. Earn one U-Wash points per dollar spent. For example, buy a Basic wash for $10, get 10 U-Wash points
  5. The app will automatically track the U-Wash points for you
  6. Once you have earned 200 U-Wash points you can redeem for a Carriage House Best wash. The pay station will prompt you on how to redeem a free wash or ask a team member
  7. You will be notified of special deals or double points days in the app

Disclaimer – you do not get U-Wash points for Unlimited or Washbook purchases.


Download Now Download the Carriage House Mobile App Today!


Get a “Get a FREE The Best Wash”* when you join our text club.

This way you will learn about any special promotion and receive various discounts.  We may also run contest to win free washes.

Create a new text or simply scan the QR code to the right into your phone and send the message.

*Free Wash expires 14 days from issuance.

Get a FREE Wash
  • Purchase Washes

  • Manage Unlimited Plans

  • Earn Wash Points for FREE Washes

  • Special Offers & Refer-A-Friend Programs

Bundle and Save

Looking to save on you washes?  Looking for a contact-less experience without the monthly commitment?  Washbooks could be your answer.

  • No commitment.
  • They don’t expire.
  • Washbooks can be purchased on your phone electronically for contact-less redemption.
  • Washbooks can be purchased as a physical card for a gift for someone
  • If you buy a Washbook in our App, add your vehicle profile and license plate and the wash will be automatically redeemed – avoid rolling down your window and scanning at the pay station.

Everyday Savings on our popular WashBooks cards.

Buy 4 Washes and Get 1 Free for a Total of 5 Washes!

  • Carriage House Best: Buy 4 for $88 and get 5 total washes…that’s $22 in savings!
  • Carriage House Wheels & Wax: Buy 4 for $68 and get 5 total washes…that’s $17 in savings!
  • Carriage House Basic: Buy 4 for $40 and get 5 total washes…that’s $10 in savings!

3 Ways to Buy a Washbook

  1. To purchase for yourself and link to your account, please use your App.
  2. Purchase online HERE and receive an email voucher.
  3. To purchase a physical card (as shown), either stop in our office or give us a call at 513-272-3764