United Dairy Farmers (UDF) and Carriage House Neighborhood Wash Launch Carriage House Express Wash at 12 UDF Locations

Two great local brands create a leading-edge convenience store car wash experience.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, July 21, 2021 – For the first time in their 80 year history, United Dairy Farmers (UDF) has forged a partnership with local car wash brand Carriage House to launch Carriage House Express Wash at 12 select UDF locations with existing car washes across Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area, as far north as Columbus. Carriage House and UDF will use their technology to make it easy to purchase washes at stand-alone car wash locations as well in the future, such as at Kings Mill in Mason.

“I was a customer of Carriage House before they approached us, and had been really impressed by the car wash experience they had created.” said David Lindner, UDF owner and VP of Retail. UDF had not considered a partnership to turn over its existing car wash portfolio in the past, but in 2019, Carriage House and UDF began to explore this concept formally. Carriage House’s innovative and high-tech consumer experience, unsurpassed quality and value, and management expertise impressed the local convenience store powerhouse. According to Lindner, Carriage House represents the future of where the car wash industry is headed. “UDF has always stood for quality, be it our ice cream or the overall store shopping experience. With our new store design and an enhanced commitment to quality fresh food and bakery, Carriage House Car Washes align perfectly with our brand.”

Managing partners Justin Stone and David Fissel designed a custom delivery system for UDF locations to provide the exact same service quality, technology experience, and value as they have at their flagship location on Wooster Pike in Columbia Township (Mariemont). “The combination builds on the regional strength of UDF as a dominant ice cream parlor, gas station, and convenience store brand, and the disruptive power of Carriage House as a cutting-edge local upstart car wash developer, operator, and innovator,” explains Carriage House co-founder and managing partner Dave Fissel. “We’re upgrading the on-the-go car wash experience to a new level.”

“The cost and complexity of car wash technology normally poses a real barrier to quality at the convenience store level,” continues Carriage House co-founder and managing partner Justin Stone. “That’s why it hasn’t been done before. We’re entrepreneurs in a region rich with innovation and start-up acceleration. The UDF partnership is an exciting extension of our young legacy of industry disruption and thinking differently about the traditional car wash business.”

“The value of the car wash service will really appeal to our customers, who can buy washes at the pump, and receive U-Drive points toward their next fill-up. Unlimited Carriage House Members can wash at any Carriage House Neighborhood Wash or Carriage House Express Wash location. Free vacuums are available for Unlimited Members at any Carriage House location,” affirms Denise Jenkins, UDF VP of Marketing, Insights, and Loyalty.

The first location is set to open in Loveland, OH in August 2021, with the remaining 11 opening on a rolling basis through June 2022. Carriage House will announce more stand-alone locations soon, starting with a Maineville, OH location.

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About United Dairy Farmers, Inc.

With 175 UDF dairy stores across Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana committed to quality, customer experience, and being a trusted neighbor in the communities that it serves, UDF aspires to be the best convenience retailer in the region. UDF stores sell high-quality proprietary products that include hand-dipped ice cream, signature malts and shakes, fresh baked goods from the family bakery, premium coffee, and other fresh foods and dairy products. After 80 years, United Dairy Farmers continues to be family-owned and headquartered in Norwood, OH (Cincinnati). For more information, visit https://www.udfinc.com/.

About Carriage House:

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and founded in 2006, the Carriage House owns and operates its flagship Neighborhood Car Wash facility in Columbia Township under its Carriage House Neighborhood Wash brand. With the best and safest technology, guaranteed quality, helpful and observant service, free vacuums and interior cleaning supplies, various ways to save, and the unique convenience of washing 24 hours daily, there is no other car wash like it. Carriage House Express Wash is a differentiated brand and car wash experience designed for the UDF locations and small and mid-tier markets where the Express Wash concept will be best suited. Carriage House is committed to building relationships with and supporting local community organizations, schools and businesses. Carriage House is opening more locations in the coming years. For more information, visit https://carriagehousecarwash.com.