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Our Story From the Beginning

We are a group of self-admitted car wash geeks. The first two founders met at the lunch room in 2005 at work and discovered they had a common passion – the car wash industry. Dave mentioned that he had worked for a car wash in high school and college and had always wanted to start his own car wash someday. Justin had also been thinking about starting a car wash, and a lifelong partnership was created. Carriage House Auto Spa opened in 2006 in Loveland and has been successfully operating ever since. Soon after, Don Semler, whom they met as a customer, and Steve Hedger, Dave’s friend, joined Dave and Justin. All have executive-level investment industry experience, but saw the need for a different car wash experience. They transformed that vision into Carriage House Car Wash to include the former Froggy’s car wash location in Mariemont.

We fill a gap in communities where most retail service businesses are now corporate owned and institutionally operated.  We call our approach the Neighborhood Car Wash. This is accomplished by combining classic customer service principles with state-of-the-art technology. The differences? Free vacuums and interior cleaning supplies, open 24/7, a moving belt system to make self-loading stress free, a brightly lit safe and clean environment, affordable unlimited wash membership plans.